Tyrolean Longsword

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The Tyrolean Longsword is based on larger longswords, where their manuals state they should come up to under the armpit.
This size measure is commonly referred to in manuals from Tyrol and Swiss and German mercenaries in the 15thC.
This is also in line with the larger Historical and modern HEMA Feders. This design is 135cm, an approximate average armpit height.
Hilts were also becoming more advanced at this time, so we have designed the hilt with dual side-rings and subtle upward swept quillons to provide excellent protection when engaging other blades and polearms.

As with all our swords, the balance is based on historical examples, and so it is a very lively blade to wield, and feels great to use. The hilt is strong, and allows you to use historical offensive and defensive techniques, even in LARP contexts.