Changes to availability


We're doing a review of our webstore, updating pic and descriptions and shipping procedures and charges, etc. etc.

So for the time being, we're going to make everything "unavailable". You may still be able to order an item, but you'll have to email us to check its availability. The best way to get one of our items is to find us at an event, which unfortunately probably means only in Australia, only certain events.

This is temporary, though our lives are busy and complicated and will only become more so in the near future, so this sort of means we're on a bit of a hiatus.

We'll continue producing, making things to order, and developing our manufacturing in the background, but you just won't be able to order a product from us with a few clicks, for now.

Hopefully in the near future we'll make available items that we have in stock and can easily send, and as we produce more we'll add those up too, so blanket Unavailable should be for a shortish time only, and after that only a few items will be available at a time (Though again, you can email us. For example if you want 4 but you go to buy them and only 1 is available, we can probably make the others to order, just contact us).