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Do you do custom orders?

Right now, we're solely focused on bringing our major product lines to life. Scimitars, Sabres, and Ancient weapons are now available to order on the website. We are keen to work on custom jobs in the future, and we have done a few already, so feel free to inquire, but it will have to fit into our schedule of manufacturing for our main products.

The cost of a custom order will be determined based on an hourly rate of work plus materials, but our rule of thumb currently is to expect a piece to be roughly double the price of the most similar off-the-shelf item.

Do you sell the cores on their own?

We currently sell Sabre, Scimitar, and Katana pattern cores as standard on our website. We can make custom shapes, but it will be more expensive. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing bulk quantities.

Are your weapons approved for LARP?

We have had weapons tested by Swordcraft Melbourne and approved for battlefield use. We also had one tested to destruction by Of Science And Swords, and they were astounded by the durability of the core. We've displayed our weapons to equipment testers from various LARP groups including Warsong in Brisbane and had great feedback about the safety requirements for these groups.

Why are they so expensive?

Basically, the process for making the core is very labour intensive currently. It takes nearly twice as long to make one of our swords as to make one with a straight core. Labour is the greatest cost for us, so the swords have to be expensive to justify us working on them. Right now, we can't charge any less or we'll have too many orders and not enough time.

We are always looking to upgrade our facilities and processes, but that takes time and money and we're short on both. Hopefully one day we'll have more staff, more streamlined processes, and we can offer products for cheaper. For now and for the foreseeable future, this is the price, and we think it's worth it.