This collection is for curved swords originating in the Middle-East, Indo-Persia and West-Asian Steppes.

The term Scimitar is actually a European term used to refer indiscriminately to swords they encountered from the East. Usually the Middle-East and Indo-Persia.
We use that term as a category here, as it does not refer to any specific type of sword, and is not the name used for a sword by it's own culture.

These were our also part of our main product line, and a huge part of why we created this business. Many non-European cultures are under-represented in what you can find, wither to study or to purchase. These swords are some of the most beautiful and interesting throughout history.
We wanted to fight with these beautiful and historically important weapons.  Even though some of these are our earliest products, we have been constantly iterating and redeveloping our methods. Our Scimitars are now are the best they have ever been!

We love fighting and learning proper technique, and believe LARP is one of the easiest and safest ways to explore weapon-based martial arts, and we really care about the proper function in the hand and in motion. 

Get your hands on one of our weapons, and you will feel the difference!

Orders are open for all products, and if not currently in stock, they will be made to order.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for production.