Care instructions

Reccomendations for keeping your Elysian Forge weapon in good condition:

- Use a silicone lubricating spray or oil on the blade regularly, enough to keep it feeling a little bit slippery.

This helps to prevent the surfaces sticking to other blades and tearing the paint.

- Avoid hitting sharp armour or other sharp objects.

- Avoid extremes of temperature, especially for long periods, for example in a hot car in summer sun or outdoors in snow.

- Don't compress the weapon or let it rest against a hard edge, as this will tend to cause dents to form in the foam.

- Avoid letting the weapon stay wet. The weapon can tolerate small splashes of water occasionally, but letting it stay wet is a bad idea, e.g. leaving it on dewy ground.

- The paint on the hilt will wear off over time, but you can touch it up with model paint.