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The Smallsword, also called a court sword is a late Renaissance and early modern object, that was specifically designed as a duelling weapon, having developed from rapier duelling styles. It is an unusual weapon, as it's primary use case was not to be fatal, but to look good, and to perform well in particularly regulated duels between nobility. It's diminutive guard and length made it far easier to carry in polite company than a rapier, with their extreme length and bulky guards.
They usually had a triangular blade cross-section and were not sharpened along the edges.
They are incredibly agile and fast to maneuver and have great tip control, thanks to the balance point being so close to the hand. 

In a LARP context, they are extremely fun and fast swords to fight with, and perform better in shorter ranges than a rapier.

Standard Length: 95cm

Pictured (right) next to our rapier (100cm long) for comparison.