Sabre core

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Fiberglass core fitting 1m long sabre-style weapons.  Shape is a section of a circular arc with 100mm straight at the handle end.

- Material: Fiberglass + epoxy
- Diameter: 10mm / 0.39"
- Length: 950mm / 37.4"
- Curve depth: 67mm / 2.64"
     (draw a straight line between the two tips - the distance from that line to the core at the point where the core is furthest from the line)
- Weight: 136g / 4.8oz

If you would like a .dxf file describing the exact shape, or for bulk pricing options, please email

This item is also available in carbon fiber, upon request.

We try to keep some in stock available to send immediately, but it may take up to 4 weeks to make and send an item if stocks have run too low.