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Rapiers are perhaps some of the most beautiful and elegant swords ever made.
Optimised for thrusting, they emphasise reach, point control and hand protection.  A favoured item of status and as a self defense and duelling weapon.
They are always poised to make a statement.

A true rapier handles very differently to most other swords, the tip wants to stay toward a singular opponent, and is loathe to turn or redirect. This is highly desirable when fighting one person, and means that you are always ready to capitalise on their misstep in but a blink.

Our rapiers handle like true rapiers! As with all our swords, we make great effort to ensure the balance point and handle designs are correct to historical examples, so that they behave as they should.  Great for duelling, these swords are gorgeous and a heap of fun!.

These are our second iteration of hilt designs and blade construction, and are even better than our first batches.

We are offering 2 blade designs and 4 hilt designs for these spectacular swords.

The 4 Hilt designs are: Swept, Cup, Pappenheimer, Stacked rings.

Standard Length: 100cm
Pictured: Swept (left) next to smallsword, Cup (2) Photo: A.Jurd Model: D.Gresham.