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The Montante is our expression of the more cost effective but still beautiful examples of late Greatswords. With a straight, parallel-edged blade, squared lugs and Elegantly twisted but straight quillons, and 2 large siderings, it is simple and practical, yet visually stunning and intimidating.

We spent a long time developing the design to ensure the proportions were ideal, based on historical examples. The ~45cm handle makes the sword surprisingly agile, without sacrificing it's strength and stability.

Length 180cm

As with all our swords, the balance is based on historical examples, and so it is a very lively blade to wield, and feels great to use. The hilt is strong, and allows you to use historical offensive and defensive techniques, even in LARP contexts.
Models: The incomparable Heather Avery mid-form (unposed)
Jack Milliers (red sleeves)
Photos: Anthony Jurd
Model: Connor Buteax (Beard)
Photo: Dylan's LARP photography