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Halberds went through many iterations, and when used en masse, they wanted the longest and cheapest possible. But when made for a wealthy knight, durability and strength really mattered, along with even longer reinforced spike for penetrating armour.

These have reinforced with Langets down the shaft, and shorter in length than some halberds typically used in battle lines.

Our Polearms with all have been engineered to function well when using their specific design features. Just like our axes, there are additional cores that support side spikes, lugs or hooks, so that they will function as intended, without tearing when encountering resistance from your opponent!

We are offering 4 variants.

Concave axe; Straight axe, Convex axe, Hatchet axe.

1.85m Halberd with ash or chestnut haft.
Photos: A.Jurd, Models: Jack Millers, Kerri-Rose Jones