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Messer is German for 'knife'. Throughout the late middle ages, German civilians and men at arms carried 'messers', distinct from similar swords of the time in that they were constructed with pegged wood scale handles, and not peened or welded pommels.

They also typically were single edged and incorporated a nagle, a protective peg or plate that extends from the crossguard to protect the outside of the hand.

They varied significantly in design and lengths, from 50cm up to 160cm.
Independent of specific design and variations, they are historically referred to as just Messer, Langmesser (Long knife), Grossemesser (Big knife), Kriegsmesser (War knife).

For our products, we are using these terms to refer to different models.
This, the Grossemesser is our full sized 1 handed option.

Length: 100cm