The Beautiful Woman

After dark, Flynn goes to the tavern with Izkander and is disturbed at the crazy creatures there with big heads.

They go to the town hall and have friendly fights with some Dawn Blades. Salem is becoming a very competent swordsman.

A woman arrives and calls out, admiring their curved swords. In a way that is very unlike Steve, Flynn sheaths his sabre immediately, walks up to the woman, stands against the post, looks deep into her eyes and says "You know something, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life". It's true.
She laughs "Haha, you're drunk".
"I'm not that drunk. [Pause] So where are you from?"
"In character or out?"
"Oh I am super in character right now"
"I am from Kislev. Where are you from?"
"Oh west, [something something your mother is a whore]"
Flynn frowns, "I didn't know my mother"
"[Something something she's probably a whore]"
"I thought you were pretty but you're a stone cold bitch". They both laugh and smile, so does Ithacan and some others nearby.
"I'm too drunk for this conversation, I'm gonna go have a slash".
She leaves.
Flynn fights a bit, wanders around, has a piss in the dark, comes back and sits with the Dawn Blades at the town hall as they fight.
"Still here?"
"We're having a bit of a fight"
"As boring as that sounds, believe it or not that's the most interesting thing happening in this town tonight". One of them tosses his sabre back to him, and he catches and sheathes it.
Flynn retires to bed, thinking of her.