Major Update: Swordcraft Quest 2023! Web Store re-open!

We’re back!
We just got home and recovered after kicking off our return to main production by launching a massive range of new products last week at Swordcraft Quest 2023!

We want to thank our customers and this community. The looks on your faces when you hold our products rewards us tenfold for the passion, effort and care we put into making them.
Both Steve and I had an absolute blast this Quest, and it was a huge success for the business. You all were the largest part of that, so from the depths of our hearts, thank you!

New Products!

We have been innovating for most of the year to allow us to improve our existing products, to develop new products, and to increase design and production efficiencies.

This was a long process as always, but it was a great success!
The breadth of our new product lines is a testament to this!
If you made it to Quest, you should have seen many of them at the shop, around town and in the field.
An awesome benefit of our new processes means that for the first time, many models will also be available in left-handed versions by request!

New Daggers!

Bollock Dagger
Main Gauche (Parrying dagger) with 2 variants

New Axe!
Fokos (Shepherd’s axe)*

New Swords!
Viking Sword
Arming Sword
Napoleonic Sabre
Dussack (cutlass)
Scottish Basket hilt
Sidesword V2
Rapier V2 (with 4 variants)

New big swords! (hand and a half or 2 handed)
Swiss Sabre

New Pole Weapons!
Boar/winged Spear
Scorpion Halberd
Fauchard (Glaive)*
Trident Yari
Knightly Halberd (4 variants)

That’s 35 new additions to our ongoing product lines! And that doesn’t include blade design or colour variations!

*These ones couldn’t make it to Quest, but we hope you’re keen for them!

But of course, designing never stops!
We are in development on more products that we expect to have ready imminently.
We are super-excited for our Zweihander and Montante! Naturally with our design signatures of hilts you can actually parry with, and accurate historical proportions and balance!
Other polearms to be ready soon are Pollaxes (Hammer, axe and spike) and Bec-de-corbin (Hammer, pick and spike).

Please note that there have been some necessary price increases to some of our existing products. Please rest assured this was not done lightly, but the cost of getting materials in 2023 is very different to 2019.

But the best news - as of now, we are reopening the webstore, and you can place orders right away!
We will be releasing more pictures and deep-dives on our new designs regularly, so stay tuned for more info on our new stuff!

We also have a new executive team member - Miles Nicholls!
He’s a great dude, and brings a wealth of insights and skills to the team.
He is also a great fighter, so be sure to challenge him to a sparring match when you get the chance!

Love and Blades!