Liar's Dice

Flynn is in the tavern after dark, but he has had enough company. He takes a beer and goes to find a place to have a quiet drink. He greets a girl standing outside as he passes the casino. The current occupants are rowdy and excited. There is a brief, friendly exchange. Her name is Rajah. Flynn continues saying "I'm just looking for a place for a quiet drink".

Flynn walks towards a grassy slope. The tall Kislevite greets him, they shake hands. The Kislevite is getting married, and it's his birthday. Flynn, "You're kidding, it's my birthday too!" (Steve turned 32 that day). They hug and Flynn wishes him well. He sits on the slope, in the grass, and has a quiet drink.

He's bored and walks back to the casino where he meets Rajah again. She says "Did you find a quiet place?". "Too quiet". They sit at the table outside the casino with an elf girl called Precious. The casino becomes empty and the ladies ask Flynn if he would play Liar's dice. He says "I love Liar's Dice".

They sit, buy in, receive chips and start to play. Flynn has forgotten how, the others explain, and they start again.

Flynn wins the first round without losing a single die.

He does well in the second, but Rajah wins.

The third round is close. He has two dice left, Rajah has one.
He calls "one six", she calls him a liar and he loses a die.
He calls "one six", the same call as last time.
They stare at each other, through Flynn's left eye, both gazes rock steady. Hers breaks first.
She calls him a liar, he removes his cup and holds up a finger, winning the round.
He is invited to return to their camp, which he refuses, instead retiring back to the tavern to drink with Mord and Lemon, swapping stories of drinking too much and life in little towns.

Steve is drunk when he gets back to his tent, alone. The tent spins and sways around him. He receives a message from his brother, who had been trying to call to wish him well and a happy birthday, that he's worked hard and he has earned his success. Steve bursts out crying, sobbing hard, and falls asleep.