Honour Redeemed

Flynn is on guard duty tonight at the tea shop. He's contracted Lemon and Yuki of the Dawn Blades for the second night running, at the request of Izkander and Sayeed, but Yuki doesn't show. Flynn is surprised and dismayed; this is unlike Yuki. Flynn and Lemon share guard duty. They talk and share stories. Flynn tells Lemon how he lost his eye.

While on duty, there is a commotion and panic in the streets - beast men appear and attack. Izkander shoots some beast men, and tells Flynn to retrieve his bands. The grass is green, the bands are green, and it is dark. Flynn only has one eye, and it's not very good, but he takes a lantern and retrieves one, killing two beast men.

Lemon retrieves the other two, fearlessly, while Flynn and Izkander fear for him. Flynn and Izkander pursue the beast men but are told they are out of bounds, and return to the tea shop.

Later, after the "tea shop's" nightly business is concluded, Flynn and Lemon go to the tavern and drink. Yuki arrives. Flynn remarks that Izkander is displeased, and that Yuki derelicted his duty and would pay a penalty.

Izkander arrives and chastises Yuki. Yuki immediately lays his swords on the ground and kneels before Izkander. Izkander has some game of chance as a punishment but Yuki says he would prefer to commit seppuku to regain his honour. Izkander tells him to make it gooey. Yuki pulls a vial from his belt and takes the medicine. Flynn asks Yuki what he's taking, and Yuki tells him. Then he climbs the stage, and announces his intention and the reasons for his act.

Flynn is first amongst a growing audience, standing close to see it well.

Yuki kneels, draws his sword, and thrusts it into his stomach, drawing the blade across his belly several times, not quite holding in his grunts of pain. Izkander cuts off his head with his enormous curved Tulwar, the Maharaja's Asp.

Flynn walks back to his drink, saying to those who didn't see, in his terrible American accent "We had some hara kiri on our hands tonight".
Flynn is impressed by Yuki's courage and honour. Steve is impressed by the showmanship and the spectacle of the role play.

Yuki rises, honour in tact.

The medicine had been Potion of the Possum, to make death impermanent for one hour. Yuki had been absent because Sean (who pays Yuki) and many of the other Dawn Blades had played beast men that night and terrorised the town.

Later, Yuki tells Flynn that he made the Potion of the Possum himself, having collected the ingredients. Flynn says "So you staked your life on your skill as an alchemist?". Flynn is doubly impressed, now with his alchemical prowess, self confidence, and perseverance.

Flynn sits next to the Baron of the Witch Hunters. He knows of the Witch Hunters' fanaticism, but you never know when you might meet a potential ally, or enemy. He questions the Baron as to the nature of heresy, saying at some point "What would I have to do to commit some heresy?". The Baron moves away. As he does, Steve tells him he's a great role player and that he likes his style.

At some point, Flynn spots Emil near the Baron, and moves him aside to talk to Emil about their upcoming duel. It was perhaps a bit rude not to excuse himself as he did it. He sits on the edge of the table and taps the Baron on the shoulder with the back of his hand in what Flynn hopes is a friendly gesture, if a little boorish, saying "Which one of us would you bet on in a duel?". The Baron is offended at being touched, saying "This is the third time you've touched me!". Flynn rounds on him and gives him the eye, leaning forward and breathing beer into his face, hand on his sabre which he pulls partly from its frog. The Baron pulls his papers showing his rank and holds them in front of his chest, saying that he'll bring more Witch Hunters. Flynn says "That's a very nice piece of paper you've got there, but it will not save you in a fight". The Baron says "Are you threatening me?!".
"I don't know, am I?"
Izkander comes to calm the Baron down. The Baron warns him to chastise Flynn.

Flynn and Emile agree to duel at Sundown the following day.

A tall Kislevite man asks to see his sabre, which he dutifully unsheathes and hands over. They have a friendly spar, Izkander joins with one or two others. The Kislevite is quite good.