Delivery Day

After sundown, and after another shift as a night time "tea shop" guard, Flynn and some of the Dawn Blades go to the edge of town where the wagon of Elysian Forge weapons has been dropped for delivery to the armory in town.

The impending shipment has reached many ears and they have heard that somebody may try to attack the wagon and steal the weapons.

They roll the wagon in by latern light. The wagon's wheels are very loud and squeaky, impossible not to hear. Some people look at them and speak of an Alpha Werewolf, saying that perhaps one of them is he. Flynn and the Dawn Blades draw swords and surround the wagon as it rolls on, unmolested.

Flynn ducks into an alley and delivers a wrapped package full of swords to his contacts at the armory.

The wagon arrives unattacked, and Flynn steps out of the armory.

He goes to the wagon and unwraps a sword shaped package containing a jar of pickles, explaining the deception to the Dawn Blades, who laugh.

They drink at the tavern.