A Lesson in Manners

Flynn has heard that a potential Dawn Blade ally is on trial by the Witch Hunters in the morning for saying "Fuck the brand".

He can hear screams of torture from the Witch Hunters' headquarters already, but when he asks Sir Bernhard and Lady Catherine of the Dawn Blades, apparently it is not the man they know.

Flynn waits to watch the trial, ready for it to go wrong. He wears a gun belt and dagger as well as his sabre. The trial is postponed and he is on duty at the tea shop, guarding.

Izkander mentions that Signor Barbarossa is reputably an excellent swordsman. Flynn asks where he can be found, and is told that Barbarossa is at the trading house.

Flynn walks to the trading house, and waits, patiently, in line. He can tell Barbarossa by his wonderful and enormous hat, and how he lounges back in his chair behind the counter.
Flynn steps forward.

"Signor Barbarossa, I hear you're the man to fight". Barbarossa spits some air "Pah, and who are you to fight me?".
"Well I won silver in the tournament on the first day".
An Estellian man standing next to Barbarossa says "Take your hand off your sword, you have three seconds". He has a pistol pointed a Flynn's belly. He is within striking distance, but Flynn leaves his sword sheathed. He does not remove his hand.
There is a pause.
Flynn says, "Say please".
"Ouch. What happens now, I don't actually know, I'm very new to role play"
"You are bleeding on the floor". The Estellian calls for a medic, "I'll give you two copper to take this man to a healer".

Flynn is lifted and dragged past the tea shop, saying to an incredulous Izkander as he passes. "I've been shot". He is taken to a healer, who heals him.

Flynn walks back into the trading house.
"Sir, to shoot a man without just cause, I call you a coward. You are ill tempered and I would like to dance with you both".
From the room behind, "Buy him a drink first".
They quarrel, the Estellian saying Flynn showed no manners and no respect in his house. Flynn says the Estellian showed no manners or respect, and that he came to the house in the first place out of respect for Barbarossa.

He tells Flynn he is bored by the conversation, and to wait outside while he talks to Barbarossa.
Flynn does so.
He hears the Estellian talking with Barbarossa of the events.
After some fairly long time, and all patrons are seemingly gone, Flynn steps into the doorway, facing Barbarossa, and says "Do you mean to keep me waiting all day?".

The Estellian puts a knife and gun to his back and pushes him inside, in front of Barbarossa, who goes on at great length to explain to Flynn why he was shot, he was rude in another man's house and didn't offer his name blah blah blah. Flynn disagrees, he thinks that it was worse manners to shoot a man in his house than to accidentally not follow an Estellian politeness protocol he didn't even know. But, he stays silent while the sword master half chastises, half mentors him.

He says "You came to me having come second in the sword competition", to which Flynn replies "No sir, I won that competition, undefeated, and took a silver coin as my winnings".

Barbarossa understands the misunderstanding, and is impressed, remarking that Flynn proved himself before coming to see Barbarossa. Barbarossa approves of the swagger, the braggadocio, the pants.

Flynn, "Sir I came to you out of respect for your reputation. I believe I could learn a lot from you, and I'd like to show you what I can do with my steel".

When the Estellian speaks Flynn snaps "Sir, I have not forgiven you yet". The Estellian points out that he paid for Flynn to be taken and healed. Flynn considers this, musing "Yes, that's true".

Barbarossa introduces himself, Antonio Barbarossa blah blah titles that go for a full minute, Flynn replies "Pleased to meet you sir", the Estellian introduces himself Inigo (or Ignacio?) blah blah titles that go for a full minute.
Barbarossa, "And you are?".

Flynn says, "I'm Flynn".

There is a silent moment while Barbarossa and Inigo wait, and then bow and accept, clearly flustered by Flynn's brevity, in stark contrast to their loquaciousness.

Inigo apologises for the misunderstanding, somewhat grudgingly it seems to Flynn, who says "Sir I am sorry for any offence I may have caused and I accept your apology". They shake hands.

Flynn turns back to Barbarossa, "I don't believe we shook hands". They shake, Barbarossa holds Flynn's forearm and Flynn holds his, Barbarossa smiles, "Strong", impressed.

He has already agreed to meet Izkander to "dance", and he says he will now meet them both.

Flynn departs saying over his shoulder "I will see you gentlemen later".

Inigo's player pops his head out "Are you ok?", Steve "Yeah, yeah, that was just unexpected, but you guys are amazing, well done!", steps back to give the thumbs up to them both through the doorway.