2018 Photography Competition

Show off your awesome photography skills and amazing costumes, and help us promote our crowdfunding campaign by joining our inaugural Photography Competition!

Best photo featuring an Elysian Forge product wins a pre-order for the prestigious Golden Khopesh or a $500 gift voucher on our online store.

Judging will be by me (Steve) and Anthony, however we will consider a People's Choice award too.

Photos will be displayed on our website as well as our Instagram and Facebook pages. Consent must be obtained from people in the photos, and anything deemed to be offensive or demeaning will be disqualified. Other than that, no real rules, just have some fun!

I'll be visiting Australia's major cities one by one over the next month, bringing my prototypes with me, so you'll have to book in time with them in order to enter. Sorry LARPers in other countries, you'll have to wait until we've sent your orders and enter the next comp.

Send enquiries to info@elysianforge.com.

Send entries to the same address, due by Saturday the 3rd of November.

Travel Dates

Brisbane: Thursday 11th Oct - Sunday 14th Oct

Sydney: Saturday 20th ? - Monday 22nd Oct ?

Melbourne: 25th ? - 1st?

Perth: ?