Webstore soft open

After all kinds of material and machine issues, I think we are finally ready to open the doors and start selling our swords again.

I had intended to do a massive grand opening, but I have decided for now that it's best just to do a fairly quiet soft open, where I just slowly update pics and have items for sale, but I don't make a big fanfare of it. I may still have a grand opening some time, we'll see.

I also had intended to do a grand opening sale, possibly even drop prices, but all my material costs have gone up by a significant amount, I don't know exactly why but probably due to Covid/international relations with certain countries. So prices will stay the same at least for now, but at least items are available.

Some items like the Kilij and the Karabela have had some changes, so I won't sell those until I update their product images, but the Polish and 1796 Light Cavalry sabres and the Shamshir are the same except for some minor changes like having crossguards molded directly to hilts instead of being a composition of 2 separate parts. They are significantly stronger but they don't look any different.

The blade paint also looks quite different, and I think much much better than in the pictures. I will update the pictures, but for now if anyone buys one they are going to get a wonderful surprise :)