Opening sale! Webstore now open for new pre-orders!

At long last, nearly a year after the end of our crowdfunding campaign, we are finally happy with our products in terms of durability, finish, and handling characteristics, and we have the manufacturing capability to deliver our existing crowdfunding orders and new orders in a timely fashion.

The web store is now open for new pre-orders for those who want to be next in line to receive brand new weapons after our backers. We're going with a lead time of 8 weeks, but hopefully we'll be faster than that, barring some kind of supply chain problem. We'll try to build up extra stock so we can deliver immediately, but that all depends on how many pre-orders we get.

New photos are up on the website showing the current production models in a variety of finishes. Other finishes or colour combinations are available by special request, as are other combinations of hilts and blades.

We plan to post more detailed data about the various lengths, weights, core shapes, etc. and post videos for each of our products going into depth about their use and history and whatever else we find interesting about them. There may be inconsistencies or errors in the website for now, but we're always open to suggestions or corrections so feel free to contact us any time by email or on social media (especially Facebook).