Temporarily closed

There is currently a perfect storm at Elysian Forge that forces us to temporarily close the store while we regroup.

The recent weather has been extraordinarily disruptive - most chemicals we use have an optimal range, and 40+ degree weather like we had here for nearly all of January is well beyond it. It was basically impossible to produce anything during January. Fires all around Australia, especially nearby on the coast, had a profound impact on many of our family and friends too, which had an indirect impact on our ability to produce.

In addition, there was a horrendous hail storm in Canberra a few weeks ago and the workshop was flooded. We outsource part of the production process, and our manufacturer has been badly affected by the hail too, both personally in having his home partly destroyed, and professionally in dealing with emergency hail damage on behalf of his other customers.

We have some other internal issues, most specifically that we have to move the workshop space due to the end of a lease.

We were already late delivering crowdfunding orders and pre-orders, and this disruption has set us back quite a way.

From here, the plan is currently to complete the move of the workshop and then work solidly to complete all current orders before taking more, and to build up stock for people to buy off-the-shelf instead of pre-ordering in the future. Hopefully that means we'll never again get into the position of having to apologise for delivering after a deadline.

I'm sorry for all of you who are still waiting, I hope you understand. Once we're back up and running again, I'll update again.