Photo Comp winner announced, orders and crowdfunding rewards completed, some future plans

Winner of the 2018 Photography Competition announced, check it out here:

This was supposed to be done waaaaay sooner. Basically, we were waiting to have all our crowdfunding rewards and new orders all complete before announcing it, and we only just finished and delivered our last products. It was hard work getting to 2020, and then 2020 came and there was no relief in sight, so we had a dip in activity and it took some time to get back on our feet and get everything complete.

We're done now, and with that chapter closed we're now looking at new products, fixing older products so we can get those up for sale again, reaching out to people who expressed interest in custom work, and generally getting back in the saddle.

There will be more news soon, but we're really pleased to finally be at this point.