IMPORTANT! Paint fault on items received before 16/10/19, repair kits to be sent.

IMPORTANT! We have identified a fault, details below. For now DO NOT USE your weapon. You will receive a repair/upgrade kit.

Ok so the story is that when we tested the paint that we now use for our weapons, we sprayed it on. This gave us a terrible finish, so we brush painted over the top, giving us a thick finish, which, when tested, we found to be extremely tough.

Then, for all orders since, we've only brush painted the weapons. The finish looks far better, but we didn't test the brush only finish for durability. It was our mistake, we were so busy making orders before Quest that this slipped through the cracks, and now we have found that our weapons tend to tear fairly easily, especially on sharp metal armour.

So, we'd love to recall them all and issue replacements or do repairs ourselves, but this would be very expensive and time consuming and we simply do not have the time or the money to do this.

Instead we are sending out repair/upgrade kits to everyone who received a weapon. This will have glue for sticking torn foam, paint for adding extra layers to the weapons, and a brush. I will issue a YouTube video showing how to make the repairs and upgrades.

Of Science And Swords will administrate the Melbourne repair kits, and everyone else will get theirs by mail.

We are offering a 10% refund for each order to compensate for the time and effort to make the repairs.

Once again, I'm really sorry this happened, it broke our hearts to hear about our weapons breaking on the field, and we have fixed the problem for all new orders.