Cores now for sale

Cores now for sale

Cores are now available for purchase.

We've got some standard shapes that correspond to our most popular products that are available for the lowest price, and we're definitely open to bulk orders available at a discounted rate. We're open to custom shapes on request, and the price will essentially correspond to the time required to make a new shape. For custom core shapes or bulk quantities, contact us at

This is something we considered from the start of our crowdfunding campaign, but held off because we wanted to focus all our efforts on designing our own products and filling crowdfunding backers and webstore orders.

Our last news post detailed a few issues we had in January and February, and of course since then there have been still more challenges that have affected basically everyone in the world. I don't want to blame all of our recent business inactivity on that, but it did interrupt the production of our blade foams by affecting our blade foam manufacturer, and it obviously affects decisions about the future of the business.

One thing that hasn't been affected is the production of our fiberglass cores, which we do in-house. So considering that production of our foam weapons has somewhat changed and we're still working to get production back on track, we've decided to sell cores so that other people have the opportunity to create their own weapons and designs.

We also recognise that there are some styles and types of weapons that we don't cater to. We had hopes to be able to fill most categories that people would be interested in, things like fantasy weapons as opposed to our historical style, or more boffer type weapons for Jugger and other types of LARP, but the reality is that we might have to find our way into these areas more slowly than we first expected.

We never wanted to "hoard" the idea of the curved cores, we just wanted the chance to create awesome products and find our way as a business. Now that we've had a good go of selling our products and we know what we can and can't do or how quickly we can or can't do it, I think it's only fair to let others make the kinds of products they imagine a curved core would suit, and we can try to find a business niche supplying those needs.