Back at it in 2023, re-expressions for people on wait list

Hey all,

We put some people on a wait list while we did some upgrades and whatnot, but now we're back and looking for re-expressions of interest before we get back into full production of our original items and some we've added recently.
If you are still interested in having me make your stuff, please mail back to me:
- Your name
- What was it I was going to make you again?
- How many?
- Your country
I'll craft stuff in order of the original inquiry, and in order of the re-expression of interest in case of any conflicts, and in order of if they are a standard product I normally make in batches anyway.

The worst case is probably about 2 months wait from here, but I'm on it full-time so it may not be that long, and especially if you're near the top of the list and get back to me quickly.
Lastly, I think it will be necessary for me to ask for half of the total of each order as a downpayment, with the remainder to be paid upon delivery. This is my standard for bulk and custom orders. If this is unacceptable to you, that's fine, I will send another email once I've completed the other orders.