Almost ready for a grand reopening, a few items for early sale

We have been working hard on upgrading and fixing molds, stocking up parts ready to make into weapons, and even getting some new products ready.

Soon, we'll have a grand re-opening with lots of stock ready to buy!

For now, we could use a little cash, so some of the products we have in stock are up for sale, while stocks last. We used these to test a new painting method, and it didn't work quite as well as we'd have liked, so they are up at a discount. First come, first served.

The Shamshir features a slightly updated design, the crossguard and grip are now a single piece, widened at the top to better fit the blade.

The Egyptian Khopesh is the classic design.

Both have updated foam, as will all our products from now on. The foam is softer and more resistant to tearing, and the glue holding it all together is now very tough.